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Semi Private Training

This is our most individualized, coaching membership, it’s our version of one-on-one personal training. Traditional personal training costs upwards of $100+ per hour. It also requires you to be locked into one trainer and has much less flexibility. Our Semi-Private approach allows for the same personalized workouts and coaching, tailored to your goals and lifestyle, but for a quarter of the cost, with a lot more flexibility. Our Semi-Private personal training was created so that our clients could have an affordable solution to building strength, lean muscle, and performance. We’ve built our methods using structured, applicable, detailed and customized strength and conditioning workouts, building strength, and improving performance. Whether you’re a novice looking to start training for the first time or an advanced trainee looking to hit personal benchmarks, we ensure that we’ll be able to help you meet your goals safely and effectively. We are obsessed about form, technique, range-of-motion, tempo, activation and structural balance. This is what’s going to allow you to train for a LONG time, stay healthy and not be limited by wear and tear.